Flex service


Elevate your Core: Outsourcing non-core processes allows you to focus on your core competencies and strategic priorities. This can lead to increased innovation, improved performance, and savings in key areas.

How to know if Flex is for you?

If you are looking to handle less than 700 transactions a week

Flex is the right fit when you are looking to outsource coverage for weekends, after-hours, and/or night shifts but the volume or hours worked is not viable with a full time employee.

Through Flex you don't directly manage the employee so that your managing team and resources can be focused on tasks that are key for your company.

Flex transactions
Flex transactions

Or if more than 700 transactions

You get considerable savings at high volumes where you would need to hire multiple employees to execute the same process.

Benefit from our technology without affecting your current stack to drive process improvement and ROI.

Are you looking for a high quality outcome that is delivered to you without interruptions or intervention?

Let's look at how customized solutions can optimize your processes and increase efficiency.


We invoice you for what was actually contributed to your business instead of hours worked
You don't need to spend your time on resources focusing on the details, just the result
Only pay for what you need: scale as needed

The Process

We have a pool of trained specialists that will handle your process after undergoing rigorous training. There is the main specialist(s) assigned to your process as primary to guarantee quality, while also having backups so we guarantee no absenteeism and continuity.

We improve internal efficiency through technology so that we are able to offer the same result at a lower price.

We have quality control frameworks that allow us to deliver a service that meets your expectations.

ROI Analysis

Learn how Flex generates savings for you.

Domestic VS Co-management VS Flex

Fixed cost
Estimated transaction cost
Savings copared to domestic
Domestic employees
Icon box
Icon box
Flex < 700 transactions
Flex > 700 transactions
Adapts to your volume

*Assuming an all-in salary of $3,000 for domestic (not including commissions)

**Highest transactions within that tier

What’s next?

Kick of call

Kick off call

  • Mapping processes.
  • Setting expectations.
  • Setting communication.
  • Channels.
Process aproval

Process approval

  • Review the diagram for the process we mapped.
  • Sign off on the process.


  • Internal hirings and training.
  • Technology development.
  • System set up.
Deploy live

Deploy live

  • Service levels commitments.
  • Weekly reports.
  • Periodic reviews.
  • Continuous improvement.
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