With Global, Talentek enables companies of all sizes and industries to access talent across borders in a quick, transparent, and flexible way. If your operations require employees in the same time zone, leverage our locations in Latin America. For coverage during the 3rd shift, our offices in South Africa and the Philippines have you covered

Global Service

Our benefits

Learn about the benefits that Global brings to our customers around the world

Increase ROI

Increase profitability through lower labor costs

World-Class Bilingual Talent

Unlock world-class bilingual talent to enhance communication with suppliers, customers, and stakeholders, fostering stronger engagements.

Technology Enablement

Utilize process automation to enhance efficiency, driving exponential growth and outpacing your competition with cutting-edge technology solutions.

Time Zone Advantage

Access true 24/7 coverage with Nearshoring and Offshore services. Nearshore offices maintain a time zone similarity of up to 3 hours, while Offshore offices cover second and third shifts in different time zones.

Scalable Team Solutions

Start with one or more employees and effortlessly scale your team as needed with our flexible solutions tailored to your requirements.

Reduced Operational Risks

Broaden your supplier base to reduce operational risks and prevent reliance on a single hiring source.

Professional Management Support

Reduce stress and save time with an experienced partner by your side. Benefit from our management team's guidance in achieving KPIs and fostering talent development, ensuring operational excellence every step of the way.

Global reach, local presence

Explore our global network offices around the world. We are a USA-based company, that drives talent and innovation, connecting cultures and fostering collaboration without borders.



9th & 10th Floors Uptown Bonifacio Tower 3 36th Street Cor. 11th Ave. Bonifacio Global City, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City Manila, PHL-00 1634



  • WeWork, 13th Floor, Cl. 7 Sur #42-145, Medellin
  • WeWork, Palmas, Cra 28, Av. Las Palmas #16 452, Medellín
  • Oficinas Parque del Poblado, Cra. 43B #8 – 39, Medellin
  • WeWork, Cra. 53 ##80-198, Barranquilla


Regus, Guayaquil, 4º Pasaje 1 NE, Guayaquil 090513, EcuadorMall del Sol, 4th Floor Torres del Mall


Circuito Interior Avenida Río Churubusco 601, Xoco, Benito Juárez, 03330 Ciudad de México, CDMX.
south africa

South Africa

173 Oxford Rd Johannesburg, Gauteng 2196


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Frequently asked questions

No. We go beyond traditional staffing services. In addition to sourcing and placing talent, we also provide comprehensive support to teams according to our clients’ needs. This includes training, administration, facilitating development among team members, and more. Our goal is to not only provide top-notch talent but also to ensure that our clients’ teams are equipped to succeed in their endeavors.

Talentek operates globally, with satellite offices in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, the Philippines, and South Africa. Our headquarters are in Miami, FL, but we have a presence in various countries to serve our clients’ needs better.

At Talentek, we specialize in providing workforce solutions tailored to any industry.

We are a Global Talent provider that combines technology, top-notch leadership, and a world-class recruitment team, allowing us to help our customers build their satellite teams across different countries.

Talentek offers three distinct solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients: Global, Worldlink and Flex. 

The employees sourced and hired through Talentek are operationally your employees, meaning they work for you and follow your directions. However, Talentek holds all legal responsibility for these employees, reducing your hiring risks and handling all compliance matters. This way, you benefit from having dedicated talent while we manage the legal and administrative aspects

Yes, you can trust the employees sourced and hired through Talentek to manage your company’s tasks and processes effectively. Geographic location does not interfere with their performance or skills. With our extensive experience in building global teams and thorough recruiting processes, we ensure you receive top-notch talent capable of meeting your needs.

GLOBAL: Our platform provides a streamlined process for sourcing and hiring individuals and teams, globally. Whether you require support in Latin America within your time zone or South Africa and the Philippines for third-shift requirements, Talentek has you covered. We manage the entire hiring and placement process, ensuring your talent is strategically located in one of our offices worldwide. With this service, you benefit from increased ROI, access to world-class bilingual talent, full control over employees, technology enablement, comprehensive training opportunities, time zone advantage, scalable team solutions, and reduced operational risks.

Our customers only pay for the transactions completed, eliminating the need to manage traditional full-time hires or fixed fees.

This dynamic approach ensures cost efficiency and flexibility, tailored to your business needs. Our solutions empower companies to simplify complex processes and shift focus to their most important projects.


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